What happened when I hired a life coach

I hired a life coach for myself. Here are some of the amazing things that changed in my life.

The Spiritual Cure to Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are horrible things to have. But what if simply by adjusting our focus could help reduce or even cure anxiety or depression?

Part 1 - What do men and women want?

I conducted an online survey on 250+ women and 60+ men about the most (and least) attractive intrinsic qualities, where I had participants select from over 12 instrinsic qualities.

7 Steps to finding your dream career

Struggling to know what your life purpose or dream career is? This article is for you. It's not a replacement for career coaching, but it might help to start to give you some direction.

The dangers of meditation

Meditation - over-prescribed? Something I have noticed recently in the West: meditation is prescribed for everything from mental health to career direction to cancer.

Free weekly life coaching

And four powerful tips to transform your life.

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