Part 1 - What do men and women want?

I conducted an online survey on 250+ women and 60+ men about the most (and least) attractive intrinsic qualities, where I had participants select from over 12 instrinsic qualities.

7 Steps To Finding Your Dream Career

7 Steps to finding your dream career

The dangers of meditation

Meditation - over-prescribed? Something I have noticed recently in the West: meditation is prescribed for everything from mental health to career direction to cancer.

Anger Management - Emotional first aid for anger

Anger is destructive In Alcoholics Anonymous’ “Big Book”, it is claimed that the number one offender for relapse is resentment. I concur: anger can turn the best of men and women into self-sabotaging and destructive beasts. I for one, used to have issues myself.

Why burnout can be a gift

Burnout - a disease of the 21st Century. Often it's something we don't equate with something good. But what if it could be good for you?

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