Life coaching and therapy are both wonderful tools.

While there may be some overlap between the two, in that they help you understand yourself better, and both have therapeutic potential, they do differ in both their focus and their approach.

Of course, not all therapists are the same, and neither are all life coaches. Ultimately, the success of a modality will come down to the skill, dedication and care of the practitioner.

If you are suffering from psychological disorders or poor mental health, you should speak to a medical professional as soon as possible.

The Key Differences


Life Coaching

Focuses more on the past Focuses more on the future
Tends to be more clinical or medical Tends to be more warm, personal and holistic
Focuses on improving mental health and dysfunction Focuses on action, growth, unlocking potential and achieving goals
Provides understanding the impact of childhood experiences Provides insight, accountability, motivation, inspiration
Provides safe space to share feelings Provides challenges to our beliefs and ways to take positive action to change our situation
Tends to be boundaried and time-limited Tends to have longer sessions and can include more regular contact including check-ins via WhatsApp or brief check-in calls
Uses labels for certain types of dysfunctional behaviour Removes labels to reclaim core identity and enable further growth
Can take longer to see results Can see the results rapidly