Therapeutic Coaching: The best of both worlds


Traditionally, life coaching was touted as suitable only for functional high-fliers who wanted to take their life to another level, while therapy was prescribed if you were dysfunctional or mentally unwell.

However, both coaching and therapy have evolved (and overlapped) much since then.

Sometimes, you might want or need to improve your mental health and psychological well-being, as well as make tangible changes to your lifestyle or need help unleashing your full potential.

As an Integrated Psychotherapeutic Life Coach, Nick is trained in a range of modalities including coaching, solution-focused psychotherapy, hypnotherapeutic techniques, psychodynamics and positive psychology.

This hybrid approach gives you the best of both from traditional therapy and coaching so that you can see and notice changes in a rapid timeframe, as opposed to years and years.

Thus, whether you're suffering from low mood, low motivation, low self-esteem or whether you want to improve your life, your well-being, your relationships or achieve goals, Nick is well-placed to help you.

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