The Coaching Process

1.   OBJECTIVES:   First, we determine exactly what objectives you want to achieve.

2.   PSYCHOMETRICS:   Next, you will be given a comprehensive psychometric test to see how you think, feel and act. The report is 24 pages long and informs the coaching process.

3.  DEEP INSIGHT:   We go deep and discover what is really stopping you today, such as unhelpful behaviours, limiting beliefs or perceived obstacles - and remove them.

4.  ACTION:   We transform insight into actions and a strategy to get you to you closer to achieving your objectives.

5.   ACCOUNTABILITY:   We keep you accountable between sessions ensuring that you complete growth tasks and assignments to move you forward.

Coaching Methodology

As a psychodynamic coach, Nick works with your unconscious beliefs and programs that dominate your thinking, feeling and actions.

Nick is also a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), which is a powerful psychological toolkit for bringing about transformation and excellence.

He also uses effective techniques from Positive Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Existential Coaching and Psychodynamics.

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