How to kill procrastination

How to stay committed

Auto shutdowns - a simple hack for sleep

Configure auto shut-downs So, all you have to do is the following:

7 ways to boost resilience during tough times

Crawling out of the abyss I’m currently taking a course in Positive Psychology with the University of Pennsylvania and so I’m feeling inspired to write about resilence.

7 Self Esteem Hacks

Without adequate self-esteem, many things including our work, relationships and health will suffer. It is akin to building a house on sand and not on concrete. As a London life coach, I have seen too often clients suffer because of low self-esteem.

Emotional first aid for sadness

Sometimes we all face difficult emotions - even us life coaches! But it’s how we respond to our emotions that determines our emotional intelligence.

Free weekly life coaching

And four powerful tips to transform your life.

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