Take small steps

How does one do anything? Answer: by taking small steps - consistently.
What’s the next smallest step you can take?

Here are some courses that I would recommend:

Get a coaching supervisor

You will come up against challenges in coaching - trust me. But having a coaching supervisor (a more experienced coach) can be really useful in helping you navigate tricky situations. I recommend someone like Yannick Jacob or Frances Masters - both are incredibly experienced and knowledgable coaches.

Do your own work

Get a coach yourself and work through your own challenges. You will learn so much. In fact, some coaches believe that you can only take people as far as you have gone yourself on a personal level.

Do live training

Don’t just learn from online courses and textbooks - go to live workshops and training. You need to put into practice what you have learned.

Practice, practice, practice.

It’s not all about qualifications or academia

One of the most active ingredients in successful coaching is chemistry and rapport. Don’t get too hung up on techniques or academia.

The best coaches I’ve had just “got me” and had a lot of love and respect for me. Some of them didn’t even have formal coach training!

Researchers estimate that around 30% of coaching and therapy outcomes is down to the coach-client relationship alone (source: McKenna and Davis, 2009).

Get insurance

Make sure you get professional indemnity insurance as a minimum before you start working with clients.

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