7 Steps to finding your dream career

I hesitated writing this post, but then I remembered a phrase I read: “give away your best material for free”.

Not just from a marketing and SEO point of view, but from an altruistic point of view. I will not be alive forever; my coaching skills I cannot take with me to the afterlife (as far as I know), so I may as well divulge some of my secrets.

Here are 5 steps to finding your dream career:

1. Write down your mission

Ask yourself:

2. Write down what you love

Think about:

3. Write down what you’re good at


4. Write down what skills you could be paid for

This step I find can be diffuclt for some of my clients. Think about:

5. Find the common themes

Reflect on:

Write down the common themes.

6. Write down your core priorities in order

This may include things such as:

7. Translate the previous lists into possible career choices

For example, perhaps the common theme is compassion, helping others, problem solving, listening - great! Perhaps you should be a psychotherapist or doctor.

However, if your highest core value is freedom, you may find that being in a regulated profession such as psychotherapy or medicine might be too restrictive for you, in which case, becoming a life coach yourself might be a better option for you.

Use your core priorities to filter out certain career choices. Of course, this stage can be tricky as you may fall victim to negative beliefs and this exercise is easier done with a second set of eyes. This is where having a life coach can help.

About the Author

Nick Hatter
BSc (Hons), Accredited Enneagram Practitioner, NLP Master Coach, MAC

Nick Hatter is an Accredited Life Coach and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Coach, and is certified in Positive Psychology for Coaching and Resilience Skills. He is an expert on well-being and is one of London's leading career and life coaches.

He has featured on BBC, Channel 4, Forbes, Metro, AskMen, HuffPost and more.

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