Burnout - a disease of the 21st Century. Often it’s something we don’t equate with something good, but rather, as something quite the opposite.

If you’re going through burnout, my heart goes out to you. I know how painful it is to go from feeling like you’re an unstoppable machine to being barely able to function.

But fear not - this could be the best that’s ever happened to you! Here’s why:

1. It’s an opportunity to stop and re-evaluate your life

In the midst of busyness, we can be so busy working IN our lives that we don’t stop enough to work ON our lives.

As such, we can unintentionally go through life sleepwalking without stopping to check important things such as:

If we don’t stop a do a reality check, reality may well give us a check. We may develop a serious health problem, have an ultimatum from a partner.

The gift of burnout means that we are forced to look inwards - which may not have happened had we remained in our chronic busyness.

2. It gives your body a proper chance to rest and repair

Burnout forces you to rest and relax - which you might not otherwise do in the midst of business.

3. It forces you to take self-care seriously

You cannot recover from burnout unless you take self-care seriously. That means taking regular breaks, doing kind things for yourself such as a gentle stroll, a massage, a spa trip, etc.

4. It provides great training to practice saying “no”

When you are burnt out you are forced to set boundaries and stop taking on extra projects and work. Thus, burnout could be the kick you needed to stop people pleasing!


Burnout may not be good for you physically, but it can certainly be a powerful learning opportunity.

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Nick Hatter
BSc (Hons), Accredited Enneagram Practitioner, NLP Master Coach, MAC

Nick Hatter is an Accredited Life Coach and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Coach, and is certified in Positive Psychology for Coaching and Resilience Skills. He is an expert on well-being and is one of London's leading career and life coaches.

He has featured on BBC, Channel 4, Forbes, Metro, AskMen, HuffPost and more.

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