Relaxation helps you think clearer

One of the best things you can do if you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress or insomnia is regular relaxation. This will calm your amygdala down and help you to think clearly again as well as feel better. You can, in a word, literally relax your way to a better life.

An alternative to meditation

Many people try to relax with meditation, however, if you’re like me and you feel like jumping out of your skin when you try to do it, then you may be one of many who really struggle with it. There are of course some good guided meditation apps out there to help (such as Calm and Headspace), which can be a bit easier to meditate with than trying to meditate unaided. However, from my experience, those with a lot of trauma or anxiety can feel really uncomfortable with meditation, as to sit with thoughts and feelings especially if they’re traumatic or painful. Thus, guided hypnosis can be a more comfortable and easier option for many.

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