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How many times have you been putting off taking action on your life?

Well, if you're reading this, then fate has brought you here for a reason: you're stuck.

Enough is enough - let's sort out those problems and get you a breakthrough.

Nick Hatter is highly trained, and with over 40+ five-star reviews on Google, he's one of the highest rated life coaches in London and the UK.

This a fantastic opportunity to work with one of the UK's leading life coaches at a fraction of the cost. Nick has worked with celebrities, CEOs, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, ex-military personnel, authors, therapists, and is trusted by psychologists and doctors.

He has also featured on Vogue, Forbes, The Telegraph, The Guardian to name a few.

The great thing about working in a group is that you can learn a lot from other participants - and it allows you to work with Nick at a lower price.

Course Content

This course is based on the last 350+ life coaching consultations Nick has had.

This 6-week intense course will tackle the following issues, including:

Course format and date

The course will be conducted in a group weekly for 1 hour via Zoom.

A Doodlepoll will be sent out to get the best available time for all those taking part.

The investment

The investment required for this course is just £600.

You can:

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