How's your love life?

Not good?

How many dates have you been on this year?

How many months or even years has it been since you dated someone decent?

Do your relationships keep falling apart?

You might be falling into traps.

The red flags are probably there.

But you’re not seeing them.

That’s because we cannot see what we don’t know.

Sometimes it’s an unknown unknown.

Welcome to Defence Against the Dark Arts

In DADA, you will not be learning magic or anything weird*.

You will be instead learning:

About Nick

Nick Hatter is one of the UK’s leading life coaches with 45+ five star reviews on Google.

He is a former pickup artist and is well-versed in recovery from sex and love addiction, and has helped both men and women improve their dating, relationships and love lives.

Nick is very knowledgable and professional, and is trusted by clinical psychologists, doctors and therapists.

Your investment

This will cost £600 and will last for 3 weeks. You can pay over 12 monthly instalments on 0% interest subject to credit check.

Dates and Times

Nick will send out a Doodlepoll to get the best day and time for everyone.

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* Disclaimer: While Nick Hatter is pretty magical as a life coach, Nick Hatter Ltd is in no way associated with Harry PotterTM or Warner BrosTM.

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