Nick Hatter is a life coach who has helped numerous clients transform their life and has featured on Forbes, Vogue, Men's Health, AskMen

Nick Hatter - As Seen in Entrepreneur, Vogue and Yahoo Lifestyle

Rowan Carreira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt

Rowan Carreira
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

"It’s full of fantastic advice that really opened my eyes to a lot of silly misconceptions I had about women... I highly recommend it!"
Jamie Omara, Customer Specialist

Jamie Omara
Customer Service Agent

"[Nick] made me see where I have gone wrong in approaching women in the past. If you're a single man... you will ultimately benefit from this"
Clara John, Product Manager

Clara John
Product Manager

"As a woman, let me just say that the critical mistakes Nick highlights are 100% correct."

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Luise Sargent, a BACP Psychotherapist, approves of Nick's techniques

Luise Sargent, MBACP BA (Hons)
BACP-Registered Psychotherapist
CEO of Kensington Therapy

"[Nick's] techniques are great... they can take the fear out of speaking to women"
Dr. Mark Holmes, Medical Doctor, recommends Nick Hatter as a life coach

Dr. Mark Holmes, MRCGP
Medical Doctor of 20+ Years
Nick's past coaching client

"[Nick] offers great practical advice that has helped me become a better and more effective version of myself"

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Image of Nick Hatter who is a leading life coach and attraction researcher

Nick Hatter
Therapeutic Life Coach, FCTC MAC
Attraction Researcher

Nick Hatter, is a leading UK life coach and has featured on BBC One, Forbes, Vogue, Men's Health and more. Being qualified in both psychotherapy & coaching, he has helped many men become more successful with women by improving their self-esteem and reducing approach anxiety.

As an attraction researcher, he has surveyed and approached thousands of women, and has collaborated with doctoral-level psychologists like Dr. Silja Litvin on heterosexual female attraction.

His self-help book, "The 7 Questions", has received acclaim from popular UK radio stations like Times Radio and talkSPORT and is available from major book stores (eg. Waterstones, WH Smith, Barnes & Noble).


Feel free to email Nick at or call him on +44 (0)20 3488 0210

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