Nick Hatter is a life coach who has helped numerous clients transform their dating life and has featured on Forbes, Vogue, Men's Health, AskMen

Nick Hatter - As Seen in Entrepreneur, Vogue and Yahoo Lifestyle

A review of The Dating Code from Clara John who called The Dating Code a must-have for men
A review of The Dating Code from Edward Lou
A review of The Dating Code from Ariana Lorenz who said that she would love it if men approached her in the way that Nick and Steve demonstrate in this course

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"If you're a single man looking for some answers or techniques to further better your dating life, you will ultimately benefit from this"
Review from Jamie Omara

Jamie Omara
Customer Specialist

What others are saying

Rowan Carreira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt

Rowan Carreira
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

"It’s full of fantastic advice that seems obvious once you hear it, but that really opened my eyes to a lot of silly misconceptions I had about dating... I highly recommend it!"
Frances Masters - Psychotherapist - endorses our programme

Frances Masters, MBACP (Accred) GHGI
BACP-Accredited Psychotherapist of 20+ Years

"This science-based training by Nick Hatter and Steve Hopper is the antidote to some of the toxic dating advice currently out there..."

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Meet your dating coaches

Image of Nick Hatter who is a leading life coach and dating researcher

Nick Hatter
Therapeutic Life Coach, FCTC MAC
Dating Researcher

Nick Hatter, is a leading UK life coach, dating researcher and former dating app CEO, who is trusted by doctors and psychologists, and has featured on BBC One, Forbes, Vogue, Men's Health and more. With training and expertise in psychotherapy & coaching, he has helped men conquer low self-esteem and approach anxiety.

His self-help book, "The 7 Questions", has received acclaim from Times Radio and talkSPORT and is available from major book stores (eg. Waterstones, WH Smith, Barnes & Noble).

Image of Steve Hopper who is a Dating Coach for Men and TV Presenter

Steve Hopper
Men's Dating Coach & TV Presenter

Steve Hopper is a gifted men's dating coach and TV presenter who has featured on the likes of BBC One, Sky, ITV and Channel 5 and is an official "dating guru" for Inner Circle - a popular metropolitan dating app and site.

As a dating coach qualified in counselling skills, Steve empowers men to transform their dating lives with compassion and wisdom. He also hosts leading dating events in London for and others.


  Is this live training really free?

Yes, this live training really is totally free. There are no fees, dues or catches.

No credit card required - just register and show up.

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  Where does the live training take place?

Online - typically via Zoom.

This is a live online training (also called a 'webinar'), which you can take from the comfort of your own home.

  I have low self-esteem - can this training help me with dating?

Yes, we teach methods that can work even for men with low self-esteem, utilising positive psychology, cognitive behavioural coaching and other powerful psychological methodologies.

However, please note that our live training is not a replacement for, nor intended to be, medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment or support. We strongly encourage you to work with a suitably qualified professional if you are suffering from low self-esteem.

  Do you teach 'pickup artistry' ?

No - this is a dating masterclass. That means we teach techniques for maximising dating opportunities and success.

Pickup artistry (PUA) is more about manipulating women to sleep with you using unethical or dark psychological tactics, and we absolutely do not condone or recommend such methods as ethical coaches.

While there may be a very small amount of useful information for straight men in the PUA world and 'Red Pill' community, much of it is toxic and harmful to both men and women, and often employs what we call 'dark psychology' which is unethical. We also do not agree with the sole mission of PUA and 'Red Pill' which seems to revolve around conquests and turning women into trophies.

  How can I find out more about the instructors and verify their credentials?

See for some testimonials from experts or to see his coaching and expertise in the press, in places like BBC, Vogue, Tatler, AskMen, Men's Health, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, CNBC and more.

See Steve’s website at and for his TV appearances.

You can also check out their LinkedIn profiles:

  Which dating app was Nick a CEO of?

FDBK® - for around two years. During this time, Nick invested about £17,000 surveying men and women and gaining some deep insights into the challenges of modern dating.

FDBK® was the next generation of dating apps and had a number of innovative features like anti-ghosting, anti-catfishing, AI coaching, peer verification, and more. It ended up selling thousands of pounds in subscriptions ahead of its launch.

Sadly, Nick had to shut the app down due to difficulties in raising funding for the project (note: a lot of venture capitalists and angel investors do not like funding dating apps due to low user retention and high user churn).

FDBK did get an honourable mention on Global Dating Insights news.


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