Nick Hatter is a life coach who has helped numerous clients transform their dating life and has featured on Forbes, Vogue, Men's Health, AskMen

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12 critical dating mistakes

There are 12 critical dating mistakes to avoid - and most men make at least one of them. These mistakes might be killing your dating success without you realising.

Perhaps you look around you and see your friends getting girlfriends or even getting married.

Or you might have that friend who can walk into a nightclub and within five minutes, be kissing a pretty woman on the dance floor.

It might be because unconsciously they know what these critical mistakes are.

In fact, some dating coaches might be making you inadvertently commit these mistakes - especially Mistake #2.

You can’t help but wonder: is there some kind of unspoken code to dating?

Learn The Dating Code™

Yes, there is an unspoken code to dating.

And yes, anyone can learn it. And yes, it works. It's called, The Dating Code™.

After years of trial and error, first-hand experience and research, our experienced team developed a series of easy-to-learn techniques and methods which can consistently get you dates with enchanting women.

By taking our self-paced online dating coaching course, which is reviewed and approved by psychotherapists, we will coach you to:

  • Avoid the 12 critical dating mistakes
  • Improve your dating confidence
  • Overcome approach anxiety
  • Develop an empowering and healthy dating psychological mindset
  • Smoothly approach women during the day and at night
  • Have an abundance of dating options
  • Have more successful dates
  • And much more
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What course students say

A review of The Dating Code from Rowan Carreira, a BJJ Black Belt who said The Dating Code really helped build his confidence
A review of The Dating Code from Jamie Omara who said The Dating Code boosted his self-esteem to a great degree
A review of The Dating Code from Faysol Adebayo who said that The Dating Code is the best dating course to take

What single women say

A review of The Dating Code from Clara John who called The Dating Code a must-have for men
A review of The Dating Code from Amandah Opoku who said that the The Dating Code is truly a breath of fresh air and that it humanises dating
A review of The Dating Code from Ariana Lorenz who said that she would love it if men approached her in the way that Nick and Steve demonstrate in this course

Approved by veteran psychotherapists

Our online dating coaching course for men has been reviewed and approved by highly trained psychotherapists registered with the British Association for Counselling Psychotherapy (BACP), so you can trust you are learning effective and ethical techniques.

"The Dating Code gives lots of practical advice and plenty of much-needed guidance about what to do, what to say, and how to respond."
Frances Masters, a BACP Psychotherapist, approves of The Dating Code

Frances Masters, MBACP (Accred) GHGI
BACP-Accredited Psychotherapist of 20+ Years
Clinical Consultant, Supervisor, Trainer

"[The Dating Code] is great... it can take the fear out of speaking to women"
Luise Sargent, a BACP Psychotherapist, approves of The Dating Code

Luise Sargent, MBACP BA (Hons)
BACP-Registered Psychotherapist of 10+ Years
Founder and CEO of Kensington Therapy

Watch in-field demonstrations on real women

Learn faster and more effectively by watching your course instructors in-action as they approach real women and leave with their phone number or Instagram.

After all, you wouldn't try to learn martial arts, a sport or craft just by reading a book about it, right? The same goes for the art of dating.

The Dating Code has in-field demonstrations with Life Coach Nick Hatter and Dating Coach Steve Hopper approaching real women

Connect with women - any place, any time

Have you ever seen a woman who took your breath away, but you later kicked yourself because you didn’t know how to approach them - or have the confidence to do so?

By mastering The Dating Code, you will be able to connect with women in a number of different scenarios and to get many dates with attractive and interesting women - and maybe get your dream girlfriend or wife.

What makes The Dating Code™ different

Unlike other dating coaching courses, ours is:

  • Tried and tested, first-hand (with in-field demonstrations)
  • Reviewed and approved by psychotherapists
  • Developed with and approved by single women
  • Aware of confidence issues and men's mental health
  • Research-backed
  • Led by experts
  • Ethical and respectful (no 'dark psychology')
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Meet your dating coaches

Image of Nick Hatter who is a leading life coach and dating researcher

Nick Hatter
Therapeutic Life Coach, FCTC MAC
Dating Researcher

Nick Hatter is one of the UK's leading life coaches, having delivered thousands of hours of coaching to his clients throughout his career. He is trusted by doctors, psychologists and neuroscientists and has featured on BBC One, Forbes, Vogue, Tatler, Men's Health, AskMen, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, The Independent, CNBC and others.

As a dating researcher and former dating app CEO, Nick has surveyed thousands of women on dating topics, has collaborated with psychologists on attraction research, and has approached 1,000+ women himself.

Nick has recognised diplomas in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Therapeutic Coaching, and has used these skills to help men overcome low self-esteem and approach anxiety.

Additionally, Nick is the author of self-help book The 7 Questions, which is available from Amazon, Audible, Waterstones, WH Smith and Barnes & Noble, and it has received praise from Times Radio and talkSPORT.

Image of Steve Hopper who is a Dating Coach for Men and TV Presenter

Steve Hopper
Men's Dating Coach & TV Presenter

Steve Hopper is a men's dating coach and TV presenter who has featured on BBC One, Sky, ITV and Channel 5. He was also chosen by the popular metropolitan dating site Inner Circle to be their official "dating guru" to provide his expertise for them.

Steve has helped numerous men supercharge their dating with his compassionate and empathetic approaach. He also holds a recognised certificate in counselling skills.

Steve is also a professional host and facilitator for some of London's leading dating events, such as for and others.

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Feel free to send Nick a message or call him on +44 (0)20 3488 0210 if you have any questions. Him or his team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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You can enrol in The Dating Code for free - no credit card required. We'll give you free access to most of the learning content for the first module, Common Dating Mistakes.

This will allow you to get a taste of the course as well as learn some critical dating mistakes to avoid.

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Over £150 of bonus content included

In addition to our comprehensive video-based course, that you can access at any time, you get bonus content downloads to help supercharge and enhance your learning.

With our audio downloads, which include expertly-crafted guided mental rehearsals, you get instantly-accessible dating coaching, to confidently and compassionately guide you anytime you need a boost.

You also get cognitive behavioural coaching worksheets to help you change your thinking around approaching and rejection, as well as in-depth research papers to give you a deeper understanding of what women want and evidence-based approaches to increasing your attractiveness and dating success.

Audio Downloads

Guided positive mental rehearsal for overcoming approach anxiety

Guided positive mental visualisation for feeling more confident & attractive

Guided positive mental visualisation for recovering from a romantic rejection or breakup


CBC worksheet for overcoming approach anxiety

CBC worksheet for feeling more confident and attractive

CBC worksheet for recovering from a romantic rejection

Dating Research Papers

Women's preferences for daytime approach (sample size of 300 women)

The personality traits women find most attractive (sample size of 1,000+ women)

The Truth about Dad Bod: A scientific investigation (sample size of 300 women)

Handouts and Guides

Techniques for Overcoming Approach Anxiety

A Guide to Approaching Women During the Day

The Good Date Guide

The Stag Opener Challenge Guide


£200 giftcard for one-to-one coaching with Nick Hatter

What you'll learn

  Module 1: Common Dating Mistakes

This module will teach you what are the 12 critical dating mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #2 is very common for men learning new dating techniques.

Mistake #11 a lot of men do without realising.

And Mistake #6 is an instant turn-off for most women.

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  Module 2: Healthy Dating Psychology

This module covers:

  • How to overcome rejection
  • How to boost self-esteem
  • How to improve dating confidence
  • How to overcome approach anxiety
  Module 3: Daytime Approach (with in-field demonstrations)

This module covers:

  • How to approach any woman using The Relevancy Technique
  • How to create natural conversation using The Dot-to-Dot Technique
  • How to swiftly get a woman's number or Instagram using the Hatter-Hopper Daytime Approach Model
  • In-field demonstrations of approaching real women during the day
  Module 4: Night-time Approach (with in-field demonstrations)

This module covers:

  • How to become the most popular man in a nightclub
  • Confidence building exercises like The Stag Opener Challenge
  • How to approach solo women and groups of women at night
  • How to a good wingman (and how to avoid wingman confusionn)
  • In-field demonstrations of approaching real women at bars and clubs
  Module 5: Online Dating

This module covers (in our comprehensive guide):

  • Why a lot of men don't get results from online dating
  • The secret that online dating companies won't tell you
  • How to hack your match rate
  • What to send as your first message
  • Which kind of photos to avoid at all costs
  Module 6: The First Date

This module covers:

  • How to start your date right
  • The best kind of first date - and why
  • Appropriate vs inappropriate touching
  • How to leave her wanting more


  Can I really start learning The Dating Code™ for free?

Absolutely! Our course begins by teaching you some of the critical dating mistakes to avoid in our first module.

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  What's different about this course compared to others?

Unlike other dating courses, ours is:

  • Tried and tested, first-hand (with in-field demonstrations)
  • Reviewed and approved by psychotherapists
  • Developed with and approved by single women
  • Aware of confidence issues and men's mental health
  • Research-backed
  • Led by experts
  • Ethical and respectful of consent and boundaries (no 'dark psychology')

  I have severe 'approach anxiety' - will this course help me?

Yes, this course teaches you methods to help overcome approach anxiety.

However, please note that our course is not a replacement for medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment or support. We strongly encourage you to work with a suitably qualified professional if you are suffering from general anxiety.

  I have low self-esteem / low self-confidence - can this course help me with dating?

Yes, we teach methods that can work even for men with low self-esteem, utilising positive psychology, cognitive behavioural coaching and guided imagery.

However, please note that our course is not a replacement for medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment or support. We strongly encourage you to work with a suitably qualified professional if you are suffering from low self-esteem.

  I am on the autistic spectrum - can this course help me with dating?

Absolutely, yes.

In fact, autistic people may benefit the most, since some people with autism like structure and logical rules, which this course offers. Additionally, some people on the autistic spectrum can sometimes unknowingly break social conventions - but this can actually be beneficial when speaking with women in some scenarios.

Steve also has experience of coaching men with autism to become good at dating, some of whom have gone on to have loving long-term relationships.

  Can I get a full refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes, there is a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied for any reason.

No fuss, no quibble.

However, we're confident that you will get lots of value out of the course.

  Does your course feature in-field demonstrations with real women?

Yes, we have in-field footage recorded when approaching real women (who are not identified visually or otherwise in the footage).

  Have you hired actresses for any in-field footage?

All of the in-field footage in our course of approaching women was made with real women, and their reactions are completely authentic. They were not briefed in advance.

For showing what a successful date looks like, as well as demonstrating certain techniques, we may use actresses from time to time. Such clips will be marked for transparency, to let you know we are using an actress for demonstration purposes.

  Did you get consent from the women shown in your in-field footage, to use it in the course?

While not a legal requirement when filming in public, we have, in nearly all approaches (where feasible), and out of an abundance of courtesy and respect, told the women after we approached them what we were doing, why we were doing it, and asked for their verbal consent to show them in our course with their face censored, to which they agreed.

Additionally, we have removed any personally identifiable details (such as names and phone numbers) in line with privacy and data protection laws.

  How long do I have to complete or access the course?

Your purchase of The Dating Code™ comes with lifetime access.

So you can take as long as you need to complete it and can revisit it any time.

  Will I be able to ask the course instructors questions?

Yes. You can do so in student forum discussions. Either Nick or Steve, or a trusted associate, will be on-hand to answer questions. However, the course is pretty comprehensive, and we invite you to refer to the course materials in the first instance. Alternatively, if you'd like to discuss one-to-one coaching with Nick you can book a consultation here.

  Which psychotherapists have reviewed and approved this course?

One of them is Frances Masters, a female psychotherapist in practice for 20+ years who has been accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and has over 30,000 hours professional experience. Here is what she said about The Dating Code:

"In a fast changing world that can feel bewildering for many of us, men in particular are facing increasing challenges in navigating the landscape that is the world of dating.

The rules have changed.

What’s acceptable? What’s unacceptable? What’s downright dangerous?

As a practising BACP accredited psychotherapist, I am noticing increased levels of anxiety amongst younger male clients in particular. They want to know what the new 'rules' are.

Tired of the online dating scene, many are now returning to a real-world experience and are asking the question 'just how do you approach a woman for a date?'

I see this science-based training by Nick Hatter and Steve Hopper as the antidote to some of the toxic, personality-led 'programmes' currently out there.

The Dating Code is a light-hearted approach based on some serious psychology about inter-personal relationships.

The Dating Code gives lots of practical advice and plenty of much-needed guidance about what to do, what to say and how to respond."

  Does this course teach 'pickup artistry' ?

No, this is a dating course. That means we teach techniques for maximising dating opportunities and success.

Pickup artistry (PUA) is more about manipulating women to sleep with you using unethical or dark psychological tactics, and we absolutely do not condone or recommend such methods as ethical coaches.

While there may be a small amount of useful information for straight men in the PUA world and 'Red Pill' community, much of it is toxic and harmful to both men and women, and often employs what we call 'dark psychology' which is unethical. We also do not agree with the sole mission of PUA and 'Red Pill' which seems to revolve around conquests and turning women into trophies.

  How can I find out more about the course founders and verify their credentials?

See for some testimonials from experts or to see his coaching and expertise in the press, in places like BBC, Vogue, Tatler, AskMen, Men's Health, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, CNBC and more.

See Steve’s website at and for his TV appearances.

You can also check out their LinkedIn profiles:

  Which dating app was Nick a CEO of?

FDBK® - for around two years. During this time, Nick invested about £17,000 surveying men and women and gaining some deep insights into the challenges of modern dating.

FDBK® was the next generation of dating apps and had a number of innovative features like anti-ghosting, anti-catfishing, AI coaching, peer verification, and more. It ended up selling thousands of pounds in subscriptions ahead of its launch.

Sadly, Nick had to shut the app down due to difficulties in raising funding for the project (note: a lot of venture capitalists and angel investors do not like funding dating apps due to low user retention and high user churn).

FDBK did get an honourable mention on Global Dating Insights news.


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