We only coach respectable and honourable men.

As such, The Dating Code of Honour is part of our course Terms of Use which you agreed to when you signed up for The Dating Code.

We have posted it here as a courtesy reminder.

This Dating Code of Honour applies to you, being the student of this course:

  1. You will not proposition or sleep with another man’s girlfriend or wife, as being cheated on can destroy your fellow man’s self-esteem and mental health, and likewise you will not commit any act of infidelity;

  2. You will not proposition or sleep with any woman who is clearly heavily intoxicated, in a highly vulnerable or distressed state, unconscious or otherwise unable to consciously consent in a sound state of mind;

  3. You will not use manipulative, deceptive or otherwise coercive tactics to get women to sleep with you;

  4. You will not attempt to get any woman “obsessed” or “addicted” to you under any circumstance;

  5. You will not attempt to coerce a different answer from a woman once she has given a clear “no” when you are approaching her, or propositioning her, and you will swiftly and politely eject yourself from the conversation if she has indicated she is not interested when you have approached her;

  6. You will not make recordings of any woman in a private space without her knowledge and consent;

  7. You will not copy, share, publish, transmit or download any videos on our courses, or copy, share or publish any downloadable materials on this course, without our prior knowledge and written consent;

  8. You will not share, publish or transmit any intimate or sexual photos or recordings of women without their prior knowledge and consent;

  9. You will not engage in any kind of harassing, alarming or intimidating behaviour, such as, but not limited to, cat-calling, wolf whistling, or illegal or immoral behaviour, towards women; and

  10. You will be respectful, polite and courteous to fellow students as well as any women you date or approach (even if they reject you), and furthermore, you will also be culturally sensitive and aware to the prevailing dating and courting customs and culture in the country/countries where you preside, approach and/or date women, as well as to individual women’s own cultural heritage and cultural dating customs (if any apply).


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