Most attractive qualities study

I conducted an online survey on 250+ women and 60+ men about the most (and least) attractive intrinsic qualities, where I had participants select from over 12 instrinsic qualities. In addition, I asked about how important looks and status are.

Why I did this study

I wanted to know exactly what women found attractive in men on an intrinsic level; how is that some men, who are not that physically attractive, can get women who are very attractive? Evidently, there’s some magic going on - and I intend to reverse-engineer that magic.

The results are surprising

I won’t ruin the surprise for you just yet as I am planning to break the news of the study to a few publications first. However, the results were not what I expected - which I daresay will go a long way to breaking preconceived ideas around attractiveness, and in addition, help give men some direction in the modern masculinity crisis.

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